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Prenatal Check-up Package at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women's Hospital

Date: Nov 21,2018   Read: 
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1. The above price does not include consultation fee. No discount for consultation fee;
2. One-off purchase of 10 times or above prenatal check-up enjoys a 20% off discount during July 2015;
3. The above prenatal check-up package is made only for routine check up without any complication. Should there be any other items required, additional expense shall arise accordingly. If more than 10 times check up have been purchased, discount applies to additional tests or examinations;
4. No refund or credit will be issued for this package except when the pregnancy ends unexpectedly;
5. No membership discount or any other discount may be applied to this package;
6. Additional ultrasound cost will apply for each additional fetus(twins, triplets, etc.).
7. Discount is not applicable to direct billing services;
8. This package must be redeemed within a year of purchase.

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