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What Are the Symptoms of Painful Intercourse (Sex)?

Date: Oct 20,2018   Read: 
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What Are the Symptoms of Painful Intercourse (Sex)?

Symptoms of pain related to sexual intercourse can occur when entry is attempted or during and/or immediately following sexual intercourse.
· The most common symptom is pain on entry (intromission). The pain may be described as sharp or burning.
· The second most common symptom is deep pain.
· Other symptoms include feelings of muscle spasms, pelvic cramping, or muscle tightness.
Pain during intercourse may be described as primary or secondary; as complete or situational; and as superficial-entrance or deep thrust types.
· Primary pain with intercourse is pain that has existed for the woman's entire sexual lifetime.
· Secondary pain develops after a symptom-free period of time.
· Complete pain means the woman experiences pain in all times during intercourse.
· Situational pain occurs with a particular partner or a certain type of stimulation.
· Superficial-entrance pain is noticeable at penetration.
· Deep thrust pain is located at the cervix or in the lower abdominal area and is noticeable during or after penetration.
A woman may perceive pain during intercourse even without any physical cause. Sexual pain without an apparent physical cause may have a psychological origin.

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