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International Mom’s Prenatal Yoga 2018

Date: Sep 02,2018   Read: 
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International Medical Department of Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital organized successfully the yoga classes for the pregnant mom on September 2, at 2:30 pm. During prenatal yoga, pregnant mom practiced different posters of yoga with Yoga expert Deepak Prajapati. 

“After having the prenatal  yoga course, I’ve learnt that yoga is not just a simple exercise. It helps me greatly in preparing for natural birth. It also clarifies my mind and soul”. said one of the participants.
Pregnant moms practicing prenatal yoga 

Smile filled with positive energy after prenatal yoga training

After yoga classes pregnant mom received useful gifts and free health check-up coupon. Pregnant mom visited labor and delivery room and curiously talked to Yoga expert Deepak Prajapati.

Apart from yoga, our hospital used to organize different activities such as Lamaze, Hypnotic Doula service, water birth, etc. Elizabeth hospital hopes that these courses can help more women to obtain insight into their maternity and activate it, making pregnancy a conscious, natural, divine and elegant experience. 


Life is Precious!
Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond! 
There is so much to learn about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting. That’s why we encourage you, your partner and family to take advantage of the classes making pregnancy a conscious, natural, divine and elegant experience. 

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