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International Pregnant Mom's Yoga Camp

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Yoga during pregnancy help pregnant mothers to enhance physical strength and muscle tone, enhance body balance, improve the flexibility and the entire muscle. At the same time, stimulating the glands that control hormone secretion, relaxing the body and mind to improve shortness of breath and depression, and also to control breathing, supporting natural childbirth. International yoga teacher Deepak Prajapati teaches pregnant mothers how to do yoga during pregnancy, give themselves and their babies a gentle exercise, help pregnant moms improve with a positive energy, and to find their own beauty!

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy:

*Pregnancy yoga postures help to have more comfortable birthing and keep you relaxed at the time of delivery.
*Yoga along with meditation prepares your mind and body to change and helps you to connect to the baby growing within you.
*It raises the energy level and helps is slowing the metabolism, thus restore calm and concentration.
*Certain Yoga postures help in opening the pelvis that makes delivery easier and quicker.
*Yoga helps to restore the uterus, abdomen and the pelvic floor after childbirth.
*It helps to regain the fitness and body shape. 

During event Indian yoga expert Deepak Prajapati will teach pregnant moms how to do yoga during pregnancy, will give pregnant moms and their babies a gentle exercise, help pregnant mom's to improve positive energy and experience benefits of yoga. 
Theme: International Pregnant Mom's Yoga
Time:  September 2nd (Sunday) 14:30-16:30
Venue: Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital Multifunctional Conference Room
Participants: 30 groups of maternity family
Registration contact: Sunny Stiphan

Contact number: 18933981688
* Sign-up gift: Yoga suit.

Event: International Pregnant Mom's Yoga Camp                                   
Yoga Teacher Deepak Prajapati

Graduated in SHIVANDA ASHRM system of the renowned Rishikai Yoga College in India, the majored is "Yoga and Human Health". He has his own Yoga halls and ATHA Yoga school in Guangzhou.

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