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A Marvelous Childbirth Experience of a Japanese Couple

Date: Jul 09,2018   Read: 
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Japanese couples traveled across the sea, and they relocated to Guangzhou. Enthusiastically they decided to settle down in this beautiful city.
During her pregnancy taking into account the language communication barrier, both husband and wife hope to find a Japanese and English convenient communication hospital. After the introduction of friends, the couple came to knew that Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital provides multilingual services. The exclusive foreign language customer service was accompanied by the guidance of the whole period of pregnancy and childbirth. A family of yarn and a group of customer service miss Yuan Xingxing, who accompanied the whole pregnancy and childbirth of couple.
The first sight of a wonderful journey of childbirth:
36 weeks of pregnancy, Elizabeth's good mother's club, learning to yield pain relief Lamaze breathing and childbirth, that day the lecture guest was Elizabeth Hospital's midwife Yang Meiying. Under the introduction of the customer service staff, Yang Meiying who is known for more than 70000 safe delivered, and a midwife who has been admired for her experience in midwifery by many Evergrande football stars who had childbirth in this hospital.
In Lamaze breathing class, Yang Meiying has a clear explanation. The yarn is very impressive to Yang Meiying. It also asks Mr. Yang whether it will be worth the night shift, and expresses the desire to meet with Mr. Yang for the baby's birth.   \
The journey of marvelous childbirth
In the early morning of June 25th, 38 weeks of pregnancy +3 days, the baby formally started to start, the heart of the yarn is secretly stolen, the baby seems to be the same as his own, but also hope that Mr. Yang will bring himself to this world.
But is Mr. Yang going to work today? Is there a teacher Yang for his own midwifery today? With the increasingly intense contraction and pain, the little desire for yarn weaving is full of the real atrium. Yang Meiying, who was at home on vacation, learned of his confidence in yarn weaving and rushed back to the hospital to welcome the arrival of the baby with yarn weaving. To perform epidural analgesia, weave Yang Meiying's sleep after knowing that he will come to midwifery.
For the first time, many mothers will find out the key points of their efforts. At the stage of the labor, it was the case with the beginning of the mother's yarn. She had been asking whether the child had to come out. Yang Meiying kept comforting to let the yarn relax.  
If a person can see the dawn of hope on the road of struggle, it must be the best effort. So every time Yang Meiying worked hard, he would cleverly encourage the effort to do the right thing, and the production process was shortened by 10 minutes. Affirmative words, interesting encouragement. 
In this happy and relaxed atmosphere, the yarn was free from the psychological pressure, with the midwife only for an hour, for the primipara is greatly shortened the production process. 
A picture of yarn with English speaking doula
picture of everyone in the delivery room every mother in the delivery room can get a professional scientific guidance and gentle care, reap a happy and unforgettable memory of childbirth. \
In the delivery room, there is a great picture of a yarn with medical staff.

\ A thanks letter from Yarn
The short journey of marvelous childbirth

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