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I Spent Two Days and One Night Like a Princess at Guangzhou Elizabeth

Date: Jul 05,2018   Read: 
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At home, maybe everyone is cared by family members, but being cared by a group of people to whom you met for the first time is rare! In this two-day and one-night experience, I was cared by the doctors and housekeepers of the Elizabeth Hospital. It was just like the warmth and thoughtfulness of the family! I also brought my mother to help me and record the experience of these two days, using photos I would like to share my princess-like services and experiences of Elizabeth hospital. \
[Preparation for Princess's Journey]
Arriving at Elizabeth, you just have to come alone, without concerning about the wallet in your hand. Maternity packages are an indispensable part of the labor stockpile in the late pregnancy. Whenever you go to the E-commerce platforms, you have to dispute over every detail when engaging in promotional activities. \
[Preparation for Princess's Journey]
As a mom of a second baby, it is rather difficult for me to deal with my own stuff, when I leave taking care of my first baby. Now I would like to show you one picture to let you know about the maternity packages prepared by Elizabeth hospital. Superb! It includes everything from mom to baby. I don't wanna remind myself of the traps I had fallen into when I gave birth to my first baby in another hospital.   
Princess Journey of Professional Obstetric Examination
Rushing around for registration and fee? NO!
Waiting in long queue for fear that you would miss your turn? NO!
Being afraid of the crowd in a small room? NO!
[Preparation for Princess's Journey]
Those who have been to a public hospital have known that literally helplessness and consternation filled on every mom's face. Luckily, my family member would accompany me to breath fresh air in the corridors of the hospital. It would be a sad story if I had to go to the other maternity clinic by myself. But when I came to
\ [Preparation for Princess's Journey]
Elizabeth Hospital, I found it rather easy to show up for my antenatal appointment. As soon as you enter the gate, a customer service staff would take you to the maternity clinic on the second floor, broad corridor fresh air, are really refreshing. First, you will be in n a separate room to do the basic physical examination (blood pressure and weight) and there are one-to-one counseling file services. The main point is a one-to-one private space. I also noticed a high-tech Dyson fan at corner blowing fresh and cool air.
 [Preparation for Princess's Journey]
After the completion of the establishment, I was led to the director of an obstetrician for the obstetrical check-up, the directors here come from the famous hospitals, thus I am not worried about their skills and experience! The only thing I was worried about their attitude. You know, I have been afraid of seeing the doctor since I was young because the doctors were so fierce. But this time, I noticed doctors in Elizabeth were so kind that I wanted to hug them. Just simply one thing that is enough to say is: after the fetal heart test, the director will help you carefully wipe away the sticky liquid before you get out of bed. Isn't that incredible? But that's it. I felt so happy!
 [Preparation for Princess's Journey]
To be a good princess, owning a good appearance is far not enough ( I am thick-skinned ) and also need to increase the value of myself. This time, Elizabeth arranged three practical courses for me: The method of Lamaze pain reduction breathing, common physiological diseases and nursing of newborn babies, and a touch of newborn babies.
 [Preparation for Princess's Journey]
Lesson 1: Lamaze pain relief breathing: Perhaps not many mothers have practiced this breathing, but personally I really strongly recommended, first time I had learned and practiced for three months. I think it is very effective to relieve and shorten my labor (well, I probably took less than four minutes to finish one). So this time I got the one-to-one guidance from the gold midwife teacher Yang Meiying. I learned it well. After knowing my situation, teacher Yang explained and taught me to step by step the things that I should pay attention during this second baby's birth. She also helped me to review the key steps ( Plus: miss Yang is so kind, Just like talking with a friend, making you very comfortable)
 [Preparation for Princess's Journey]
Hunger desire: I eat more than anyone else can. Basically, It is well known that it is of utmost importance to keep healthy during confinement in childbirth. I still remember the days during my confinement after the birth of my first baby, staying at home and eating meat every day. Pork liver, Chicken soup, Eggs, Green vegetables, Fruit, and bananas. I enjoyed this kind of yummy food every day. 
[Preparation for Princess's Journey]
After seeing my joyful face, you would come to know how delicious food it was. There is a TCM doctor who checks my pulse, and nutritionists who customize the most appropriate food for me according to my physique and taste preferences. It is very targeted, which enables me to eat every mouthful without causing the body's excess nutritional burden and not at risk of getting fat. That's great!
Since the pregnancy and the birth of the first baby, beauty salon this place has been gradually away from me. It is not easy for me to leave some time for facial care. But finally, Yeah! Independent private space, which ensures privacy. The project is called skin repair, which can clean skin, enabling skin to moist better absorb nutrition! It can moisturize the skin, lighten the pigment, and improve the yellow color of the face, which is very suitable for my face state. I washed my hair, I talked to the beautician whether could one washes her hair during confinement. Generally, the elder all say that one should not wash the hair! I endured it for 40 days when I gave birth to the first baby! What a courage! ( Following are the benefit as well as the methods of scientifically washing hairs if mama insists in not washing her hairs, She can change the other hairdressing project, it is flexible!)
After dinner I also do manual work, as the Dragon Boat Festival was close, a master from "Good Mama Club" arranged to make one sachet in the shape of dumplings for me, containing absinthe grass and mint, which can drive mosquitoes away and refresh ourselves. This is a decent choice for the current weather in Guangzhou. I am putting a close-up picture of my Zongzi, I'm showing you a joint photo instead haha!
I heard from customer service that it was the 7th anniversary of Elizabeth Hospital. Preferential activities have become a never-ending business, it is time to make a move! After hearing the price comparisons, I am excited. After all, after two days and nights of personal experience, I felt the characteristics of Elizabeth a medical-grade integration, from prenatal care to childbirth and post-partum recovery. Hospital has professional levels of medical care, doctors available at any time to serve you, to avoid a lot of unnecessary worries and pregnant in the coming month to give birth, let yourself be a beautiful princess to enjoy it!

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