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The 7th Anniversary of the Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital

Date: Jun 20,2018   Read: 
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June 19, 2018 the 7th anniversary of Guangzhou  Elizabeth Women’s Hospital
On this memorable occasion, there are different types of activities organized by our hospital.
7th anniversary. Review the highlights of Elizabeth's growth path

7th anniversary and thanksgiving Elizabeth is 7 years old. Persistence progress is appreciated. 7 years, 2555 days and nights, 10000+ the birth of the new life of the family, The favor and recognition of the 8 football stars, The cohesion of every love,
Only to achieve the glory of Elizabeth what it’s today.
The rapid growth of Elizabeth is inseparable from the support of all the partners and is particularly grateful to all the partners who have been working together with Elizabeth.
The honor and transformation in the past 7 years have condensed the sweat and wisdom of every Elizabeth staffs. This morning, on the occasion of Elizabeth's 7th anniversary birthday, the president of Elizabeth, Dr. Xiang Qiang, the dean of the business, Ms. Wang Xingxing, and the head of Ms. Zhong Yuzhen, the director of the quality director of the international group, and the director staff of the whole hospital.
In addition to the special custom-made gift of the hospital, this afternoon, there are many brands, such as the first, the fresh, Jane Eyre and Ph.D., to provide Elizabeth with rich interactive gifts for the happy birthday of Elizabeth's 7th anniversary.
7th Anniversary Special Edition: Tang Ling: stick to traditional Chinese medicine and prepare a nutritious and delicious moon meal for your mother.

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