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The First EmbodyBirth International Dance Experience Camp completed successfully

Date: Apr 15,2018   Read: 
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April 14th, the first EmbodyBirth International  Dance Experience Camp was sponsored by the Guangzhou Elizabeth Women's Hospital completed successfully in the Dongfeng Wende Plaza. A new concept of EmbodyBirth dance, based on the movement of the body, rectifying the buttock and thigh by body swinging and help in safer and the smoother childbirth. EmbodyBirth increases the confidence of pregnant mother in natural childbirth. 

EmbodyBirth Camp bursting with popularity, EmbodyBirth expert Maha Al Musa in the dancing area
This activity played an important role in natural childbirth. Wang Zhiqiong, a honorary president of the Guangdong Medical Association, said that the birth dance is a new concept, fashionable and healthy pregnancy movement. I hope this activity can make the mothers full of confidence and believe in the instinct of childbirth and let the birth begin naturally.

Respected guests during an opening ceremony of EmbodyBirth dance
Wang Zhiqiong, an honorary president of the Guangdong Provincial Association of physicians, Maha Al Musa, a well-known EmbodyBirth expert, the midwife Susan Wehrle of the University of Texas, the executive director of the Elizabeth Women’s Hospital and Dr. Xiang Qiang attended the event. 

Pregnant mom's stage show dance performance showing her confidence 

In order to share the natural childbirth process with more pregnant mothers, the first natural childbirth documentary in 2014 was filmed at the Elizabeth maternity hospital in Guangzhou. It was initially hoped to spread the natural breeding method and further promote the popularization of gentle childbirth. Ms. He Chunlei, the lady of the documentary, is also present in the meeting. She is the first independent reproductive education lecturer in China. She has passed the systematic teaching of childbirth and accompanied by childbirth, helping 600 pregnant mothers to achieve smooth delivery.

\ Awakening the fertility instincts of pregnant mothers with the beauty of dance

The activity was EmbodyBirth expert Maha Al Musa for live performance. She combined the beauty of dancing with the healthy exercise of pregnancy, and let the pregnant mothers experience the birth dance and the confidence of natural childbirth. Many pregnant mothers are deeply touched by her female power and the inner insights of childbirth.

Conscious childbirth, the legendary charm of the EmbodyBirth dance.
The pregnant mothers with an infinite charm of the EmbodyBirth dance. The scene of the birth dance experience camp has also set up a comfortable childbirth experience area, such as water delivery, painless childbirth, doula guide delivery, free posture delivery, awareness childbirth and so on. Through propaganda of midwifery technology and childbirth concept, it advocates compliance with the natural delivery and enjoys the happiness of natural childbirth.

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