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University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Experts shared experience

Date: Apr 13,2018   Read: 
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University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Experts shared experience their experience with expectant mother, visited different wards and interact with doctors and patients. “Painless childbirth” medically called “analgesia for childbirth” and uses various methods to relieve or even eliminate pain during childbirth. Childbirth and analgesia can make mothers and mothers no longer suffer from pain, reduce the fear of childbirth and post-partum fatigue so that they get rest during the longest period of the first labor so there is enough power to complete the delivery.
 Speach on Painless childbirth
In addition to the theoretical knowledge, Dr. Tao Weike combined his wife's example of childbirth, so that the treasure mothers more correctly understand the pain of childbirth, and from the medical point of view for the treasure mothers on the scene, so that they understand the pain of childbirth. He specifics how to operate painless delivery, the benefits of painless childbirth, painless childbirth indications, and a detailed explanation of the knowledge of low back pain.
The prospective parents

 Exciting activities are always short-lived. The expectant mothers stated that the face-to-face exchanges with experts deepened their understanding of pregnancy and childbirth, and at the same time they expressed that if all the indicators of their body are in line with the standards of natural delivery, they would consider giving birth in a painless manner.
Foreign Experts Team patiently and professionally answer questions about the painless birthing of prospective mothers. Finally, Prof. Chet Edward Wells,  midwife Susan Wehrle, Dr. Tao Weike,  and Elizabeth Executive Dean, Senior Doctor of Anesthesiology, gave lectures. They used interactive Q&A to interact with the pregnant family who attended the lecture. 


The pain of childbirth shouldn’t be a “stumbling block” for expectant mothers to give birth. Natural delivery deserves more care and respect professor Edward stated. 

The expectant mother who had her class for the first time received a 280-yuan birth certificate from Elizabeth.
Natural delivery has many benefits for mothers and babies.

Professor Chet Edward Wells, Dr. Tao Weike and Midwife Susan Wehrle Visit Guangzhou Elizabeth Women's Hospital and share their experience with us. They visited different departments and interact with doctors and patients. They appreciated our hospital management and patient care. 

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