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24 Hrs Hospital

Hospital in Guangzhou which is opening on Sunday

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“We care your time by making an appointment in advance, we care your pain by sharing our experience, we valve your money as you earn it by your hard working”

We have high tech health check-up package to diagnose all kinds of Gynecological Diseases.    
Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital is working on the weekend. This is especially good for those who have no time for themselves because of busy work. We are here open 7 days per week to serve you with our passion.
You are welcome to make an appointment whether it’s Saturday or Sunday. On weekend we also used to have some special offer and activities for the pregnant friend to ease their pain and pressure. We have a lot of activities and workshop for painless childbirth program by which we share our experience to make delivery painless. We have classes for water childbirth as well.
Some of our classes focus on Lamaze International."The stated goal of Lamaze is to increase a mother's confidence in her ability to give birth; classes help pregnant women understand how to cope with pain in ways that both facilitate labor and promote comfort, including relaxation techniques, movement, and massage."
Let’s hands together and make childbirth a wonderful experience of the life. Let’s celebrate childbirth with Elizabeth painless program and Lamaze International

We provide not only offline medical service but also Internet inquiry.

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