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What are the Risks of Having an Anterior Placenta and How it can be Manage?

Date: Mar 30,2018   Read: 
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Risks of Having an Anterior Placenta
Mothers with an anterior placenta in a fetal position will have a greater chance of posterior presentation which means that the baby’s head is down below and is facing the mom’s front. It may be harder to know the position of the baby but if this is the case, it does not always mean that the baby will be in occiput posterior position more often if exercises are done along with a healthy lifestyle.

Having an anterior placenta is not risky to one’s health despite some inconvenience. The mother may not feel the baby’s movements right away or the baby’s heartbeat on her own by the use of a fetoscope because of the position but all is fine. If the abdominal tone is loosened, it will allow the baby to face the mother’s back instead of facing the placenta. A gentle Rebozo sifting can be of use to help the baby be interior. It should be done on a regular basis. A number of women with an anterior placenta can still deliver vaginally, instead of the fear of having a cesarean section.
However, if the anterior placenta is lying very low in the uterus, it might partly or completely block off the cervix and this condition is referred to as placenta previa. By then, the cesarean will be necessary. But then again, the placenta travels frequently around in the uterus during pregnancy which means that there is still a chance that the placenta that is lying low will move into the upper part and then the mother will safely deliver the baby in time.
A good way to manage the placenta is to take care of it by eating greens, food rich in protein that is easy to digest and salt to taste, eating food that contains “smart” fats rather than those that has fried fats or corn oil. Another way of taking care of the placenta is to start daily inversions or gentle exercises and avoiding alcohol, smoking, and drugs that could harm both the placenta and the baby.
Since pregnant women mostly become terrified once they don’t hear any heartbeat or just feel a few movements, it is better to get a quick ultrasound to hear and see the baby instead of stressing out and resorting into a panic.

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