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Senegal Mother Was Abruptio Placentae, Elizabeth Medical Team Help Her to Delive

Date: Feb 24,2018   Read: 
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Senegal Mother Was Abruptio Placentae, Elizabeth Medical Team Help Her to Delivery Smoothly

A foreign baby was delivered in Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital with a baby ‘s clean and melodious crying in delivery room. A complicated cesarean operation was operating tightly at noon of February 17. It was did by Dr. Tang Hongmei and the operation was going smoothly with the help of all medical team. Mother and daughter are in peace.
Feb 27 was the second day of Chinese traditional Spring Festive. When the  people slept in their sweet dream after enjoying the family reunite, Adja felt pain in her lower abdomen and a little bit blood in uterus. Adja and her husband thought the baby perhaps wanted to come out after observing and judging, therefore, they hurried to Elizabeth Hospital.
Adja was be asked to tried to delivery after arriving at the hospital. Until 11:50 AM, she felt contraction frequently. Dr. Tang Hongmei found her amniotic fluid was blood red and judged her was in placental abruption with many years clinic experience. The situation was urgent and should do the cesarean immediately. After communicating with Adja and her husband completely, hospital started the emergency plan and opened the green channel for her. Physicians of Obstetrics Department, Anesthesiology Department and Neonatology Department were standby and catched the second and minute to prepare the cesarean. Made sure Adja and her baby’s safe in the shortest time.
Everything was going well with the cesarean operation. Adja and her baby were safe with all the medical team’s effort. Dr. Tang Hongmei found there were two uterine fibroids when did the cesarean operation for Adja. She communicated fully with Adja’s husband and continued to do operation to remove the uterine fibroids after getting his consent without lunch. Uterine fibroids were not removed until 2 PM. Adja’s husband kept to say “thank you” to all the medical team in his difficult Mandarin after getting the good news out of the operation room.
Congratulations to Adja’s daughter! This was the second foreign baby delivery in Elizabeth Hospital in Spring Festival Day after a Chinese-French baby was born on February 16, the first day of Chinese Traditional Spring Festival.

\A birthday party was held in the afternoon of February 21 and we wished her healthy and happy. Best wishes to Adja’s family!

Recent years, there is a team for VIP Customers in Elizabeth Hospital in order to serve the foreign customers. Specially for English, French, Japanese, Korean and Arabic translation service, which let the foreign customers see the doctors accessibly. Elizabeth Hospital is famous for its comfortable hospital environment and multilingual service in foreigners circle. Conca, Muriqui and Young-Gwon Kim, the foreign football players of Evergrande Taobao Football Club all chose Elizabeth Hospital for their wife’s delivery.


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