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American Girl Praised VIP Customers Service in Elizabeth Hospital

Date: Feb 24,2018   Read: 
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American Girl Praised VIP Customers Service in Elizabeth Hospital

Jacqueline, a girl with 24-year-old from U.S.A is young but has been taking the paregoric more than than 10 years because of pain. During these 10 years, Jacqueline looked for difference hospitals and doctors and she just knew that’s reason for endometriosis. Because Jacqueline took the drugs for many years, which result in her amenorrhea. However, the pain was not released. Several days ago, with the help of Dr. Wang Xingxing, the Business Dean of Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital, Jacqueline was cured of the disease. She was very excited and presented the silk banner to Dr. Wang Xingxing and the medical team, showing her appreciation. She said she just like to got the life again.


Feel pain for many years and no effect from different hospitals and doctors.
At the beginning of this February, Jacqueline decided to look for Dr. Wang Xingxing of Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital with a friend’s recommend. Before coming Elizabeth Hospital, Wang communicated with Jacqueline by phone and understood her situation well. However, after seeing Jacqueline and checked her a series of body check-up reports, it was more complicated than she said.
According to Jacqueline’s statement, her pain was getting more and more serious since her first menstrual period at 12-year-old. Normally dysmenorrhea lasted several days for ordinary people, but for Jacqueline, there were several days not painful in a month. The pain came with the nausea and vomiting. She needed to took the paregoric to release it, which affected the daily life seriously. In 2013, Jacqueline did the laparoscope operation, confirmed the pain was from endometriosis and did the appendicectomy. She was taking the contraceptive pill until now and no menstrual period any more. She tried to other medical cures and physical cures methods in 2014 and 2016 separately, but it’s not effective. Taking more than 5 pills everyday for long time, Jacqueline didn’t want to take drugs anymore for her health. She heard Dr. Wang was famous for the minimally invasive and Jacqueline would like to solve the pain problem through this operation.
Dr. Wang analyzed and understood Jacqueline’s situation combining multiaspect elements, she thought Jacqueline was not just for endometriosis, besides the chronic pelvic pain, Jacqueline had hectic fever, hidrosis, anxiety, feeling down in spirits and pruritus vulvae, etc, which all belonged to perimenopausal syndrome. Meanwhile, Jacqueline’s weigh increased a lot and all situation should be dealt with one by one after detail consideration.

Dr. Wang Xingxing did the operation by herself and everything went smoothly.

The operation was held in the morning of February 4 and did by Dr. Wang Xingxing after explaining and communicating the difficulties of operation to Jacqueline and getting herself and her relatives’ consent.

The operation was did by laparoscopic minimally invasion. Dr. Wang  punctured 5 mm on mcburney’s point and corresponding position of its left side. She made use of magnifying glass of laparoscopy to check pelvic floor, fallopian tube, uterus, ovary and internal focus’s distribution, and recognized inner inflammation and ectopic varieties. Dr. Wang has diagnosed Jacqueline was getting the ovarian endometriosis combined uterine adenomyosis with the laparoscopy. With the abundant operational experience, adhesion parts was cut. From decomposition, elimination to hemostasis, everything went well with the whole process, amount of bleeding loss was small and the patient’s vital sign was stable. The operation was finished completely after eliminating the intra-abdominal extra fluid, which just took about one hour.
Humanized service was praised and medical team was like family.
After the operation, Jacqueline was not painful any more like before. She was recovered soon with the care by Elizabeth Hospital. Jacqueline complimented the VIP Customers service to her: “It is not only nice hospital surrounding, good service, but also nice consideration by medical team here. Compare with in U.S.A, the nurses here are more gentle and be effective.”

The most appreciated for Jacqueline was, her body belonged to allergic constitution and was allergic to a lot of drugs. A lot of western medicine couldn’t be taken. Elizabeth Hospital assigned a traditional Chinese Medicine physician to her in order to let Jacqueline got the best cures. In order to reduce the side effect of the western medicine, the traditional Chinese Medicine physician prescribed Chinese medicine to her as transitional period according to her situation every day. Jacqueline said it was hard to be achieved in foreign countries for this humanized service and felt moved with two thumbs.



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