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Antenatal Training by Chinese Calligraphy Art

Date: Feb 08,2018   Read: 
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Antenatal Training by Chinese Calligraphy Art

Topic: Antenatal Training by Chinese Calligraphy Art

Time: 14:30, Saturday of February 10, 2018

Location: -2F, Multi-functional Hall, Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital


Elizabeth is glad to invite you to take part in the Chinese Calligraphy Art activity on Feb 10. We prepare Chinese ink, Chinese ink brush, paper for your special and creative new year couplets. 
As far as we know, Chinese calligraphy is great helpful for pregnant women’s antenatal training. The advantages are understanding the extensive and profound of Chinese culture, enhancing individual quality, remitting pregnant women’s agitated mood.
Meanwhile, our senior teacher will share her method for happiness delivery. Less painful and more care when delivery.
Of course, the delicate gifts and the mini games are indispensability.
We look forward to meeting you on that day and register NOW!

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