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Elizabeth Hospital: Let's Challenge for Love!

Date: Nov 06,2017   Read: 
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Can you imagine giving birth to a baby? An excellent experience for visitors to feel labor pain at the 10th Latin Festival

The opening ceremony of the 10th Latin Festival was held in Canton Tower on Oct. 28th, 2017. Many foreign friends from all over the world joined the celebration. Everyone enjoyed singing, dancing and eating delicious foods; everywhere was full of love and warmth. On this day, our hearts are closer.

An excellent experience to visitors

Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital, the best international hospital in Guangzhou, was invited to participate in the Latin Festival. Together with the labor analgesia apparatus, Elizabeth Women’s Hospital showed an excellent experience to the visitors with love and passion.


Challenge for love

Many people joined this activity from all over the world, together with “challenge for love”. Anyone, no matter man and woman, who wants to challenge the 10 scale for labor pain can have a try to experience. Actually, it is a very good experience for man to feel labor pain on delivery.  



Imagine giving birth to a baby

That’s so funny! Just to imagine yourself to give birth to a baby. Some of them can hold on to the last to achieve the success and get the certificate. They are really Hero Father. While some of them cannot continue, they screamed and cried because the painful was become stronger and stronger. 

Hero Father

Actually, it’s not the winning that matters but the taking part. All of them are full of courage and brave, they are still the hero. After this experience, everybody cried, “To become a mother is not easy. Mommy is very powerful”.

Having a baby in China

Indeed, having a baby in China is not easy for many foreigners. Fortunately, Elizabeth is a new type of obstetrics and gynecology hospital with advanced medical concept, medical treatment, prevention, health care and rehabilitation. At present, Elizabeth VIP clinic is actively working with international commercial and insurance companies to set up a customer safety committee to protect customers' medical treatment and medical security. As a reputed hospital of medical social insurance in Guangzhou and direct billing center of international commercial insurance, this hospital acts as a leading brand in the field of maternal and infant health care. In addition, we provide our services in several languages and our interpreters are well willing to help you in any way.

The Elizabeth Hospital provides personalized services such as free pregnancy-related courses, optional delivery packages, water birth and postpartum special meals. We are open to all patients every day and provide fundamental medical care services. We bring together renowned experts to provide international standard medical care in Obstetrics, Reproductive Medical Services, Gynecology, Medical Cosmetology, Postpartum Rehabilitation, Aesthetic Medical Treatment, Maternal and Children health Care. Elizabeth International Medical Center has attracted many celebrities, politicians, businessmen including medical check ups and deliveries from up to 90 countries/territories. Our Mission is not only to fully care for Women and Infants but also to provide human oriented medical care for everyone.



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