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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and is the number 2 killer in China.

Recent studies have shown that there is a trend for younger women to be affected.
Because the human breast is made of tissue and fat, very small lumps may not be easily felt. A mammogram (x-ray picture of the breast) can pick up calcification and early malignant changes. This means you have a better chance of surviving the disease as well as more choices as to how to treat it.
Studies have shown that breast screening with mammography reduces the number of deaths from breast cancer for women aged 40 to 69 and is the gold standard in breast screening. You should consider a base line scan at around 35 years old, and then repeating it after 3 years, provided there is no increased risk of breast cancer. After 40 this should be repeated every 2 years. For women who are at increased risk, they should have it repeated every year.

Women who are at increased risk include :
1. Personal history of breast cancer – previous breast cancer increases the chances of a second.
2. Family history – mother, sisters, daughters or >2 close relatives, e.g. aunts, cousins, have a history of cancer, especially if it developed under the age of 50.
3. Genetic alterations – About 10% of breast cancer patients have some specific alteration in their genetic makeup (e.g. BRCA1 and BRCA2) that renders them much more susceptible to the disease.
4. Breast changes – women previously diagnosed with atypical hyperplasia or lobular carcinoma in stiu, or having had 2 or more biopsy for benign disease.
5. Menstrual and obstetric history – 1st child after 30 years of age, 1st period before 12 years old, late menopause after 55 years, never had children, and women on HRT for greater than 5 years.
6. Radiotherapy – women whose breasts have been exposed to radiotherapy in the past for the treatment of other diseases.

At The Women's Clinic we have installed the specialized X-ray machine called DEDICATED MAMMOGRAPHY, which is designed to have low x-ray emission, with negligible risk.
When you undertake a mammography, the technician will gently squeeze your breasts with a paddle on the machine, and the pressure may be slightly uncomfortable, but the flatter the breast, the clearer the image, and it should not take longer than a few minutes.

The x-ray films will be reviewed by our specialists and the result will be given to your doctor.

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