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How To Cope With The Heat In Pregnancy During Summer?

Date: Jul 26,2016   Read: 
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How To Cope With The Heat In Pregnancy During Summer?
Many cities in China have been experiencing unusually high temperatures since July. On Monday, maximum temperature in Guangzhou touched 37°C, day temperature in the region settled between 36 to 37°C for about five to six hours. Summer can be particular difficult for pregnant women.
In pregnancy, your core body temperature is a little bit higher than normal due to a combination of hormonal changes, increased blood flow and the heat produced by the placenta. “ Pregnant women already have heat intolerance in some degree.” says Doctor Clemence, at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital, who advises moms-to-be to pay attention to the heat warnings. If the temperature index is in the 32°C, that’s a great time to be indoors as much as possible with the air conditioning turned on.
Here Are A Few Ways To Beat The Heat While Enjoying The Summer Time.
1. Take Care Of Swollen Feet And Hands
It’s very common to have swelling ( oedema ) in pregnancy, about 50%~80% of healthy pregnant women have oedema on some level, and hot weather can make it worse.
Minimize salt intake, which makes your body retain water;
Drink a lot of water (8 ounce glasses a day is minimal);
Eat high-potassium foods---like bananas, dried fruit and tomatoes;
In hot days, stay cool. Spend time in the swimming pool, or in air-conditioned rooms as much as possible;
Get proper exercise, and keep your weight stable.
2.Wear Natural Fabric For Summer Nights
In summer, pregnant women often suffer from night sweats, and hormonal changes in pregnancy intensity your body’s predisposition to heat and can bring on hot flushes. It is so important to get a right cloth to beat the heat, natural fiber is the best choice. Fabrics made from natural materials are the most breathable and will wick away perspiration, keeping you cool and dry.
3. Stay Hydrated
During the hot weather, a pregnant women should be drinking at least 8 glasses water a day. Daily water intake should be balanced with losses to maintain total body water. In summer, sweat evaporates quickly, which means it also carries away heat faster. As the water evaporates, it transfers the body’s heat into the air, this process usually carries away enough heat to do a good job of cooling your body.
4. Exercise In Water
Exercise in water is a wise way to beat the heat for pregnant women because the water’s buoyancy requires you to support only 50% of your body weight, ans it will also help relieve pressure on your back and joints. Unlike other forms of exercise , swimming keeps you cool while working up a sweat.     

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