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4D Ultrasound


Looking for prenatal check-up when you are pregnant? 4D ultrasound provides live video streaming of the baby in the womb rather than the still image created by 2D. The best time for this special ultrasound is between 22 to 28 weeks when the size and body surface of the fetus is just fine and the amniotic fluid is enough for more active fetal movement.
prenatal ultrasound
Advantages of 4D ultrasound:
1. To clearly detect stage of fetus development;
2. To detect potential issues in the fetus or any reproductive system;
3. To identify the placenta and fetal position;
4. To find out abnormality such as bleeding.
Studies from the American Institute of Ultrasound reveals that 4D ultrasound has a positive impact on parents-to-be and the bond they develop with their unborn babies.Pregnant women had a tendency to eat healthier, do more exercise, and give up previous bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Another suggested benefit of ultrasound is the impact on fathers; they may become more involved with their partner’s pregnancy, being more supportive, understanding and appreciative of her situation.
How does 4D ultrasound work?

Here is how the 4D ultrasound helps create the image of your baby from inside the womb:
A device known as transducer is moved along your abdomen;
This will send the sound waves via your abdomen and through your uterus;
These sound waves will bounce off your baby in the form of echoes;
The monitor will pick up these echo messages and translate them on to the screen;
As your baby moves and kicks about, you will be able to see the images on the ultrasound screen.

When is a 4D ultrasound done?
Your doctor will be the best person to tell you when to get a 4d ultrasound. While some suggest getting it done between weeks 27 to 32, others may suggest getting it done between weeks 26 to 30.
It is important to note that from the 19 to 24 weeks of gestation, the gender of your baby can be determined through these scans. While this is legal in some parts of the world, it is considered illegal and punishable by law in other countries. Do have a word with your doctor to know when you can safely get this test done.
Is the 4D ultrasound covered by insurance?
Yes, it is usually covered for this morphology fetal ultrasound during this special period. Otherwise, it is not covered.
4D Ultrasound Service
We look forward to creating a welcoming and comforting environment for expecting parents to see their newest member of the family.Family is welcome to accompany you for your ultrasound.
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