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Female Health & Pre-conception Check-up

Date: Nov 13,2018   Read: 
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Preference: 20 percent discount
Requirement: Online appointment/ Scan WeChat code/SMS/Call 18933981688

GZ Elizabeth Women's Hospital provides women with special health and preconception check-up service. Preferential price is now being promoted.


How to make an appointment with these preferential check-up price?

1. Follow our official Wechat Account (Elizabeth_Medical);

2. Enter our wechat account's front page, press the "Services" menu then press the "Appts." button;

3. In our online appointment system, you can choose one or both of the "Female Health Check and Preconception Check" option (s) and submit your contact infomation to us, we'll do the rest.
"Female Health Check and Preconception Check" 

Tip: All these preferential prices are accessible and valid via this online appointment, Scan WeChat code and add/SMS/Call 18933981688

We provide not only offline medical service but also Internet inquiry.

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