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Ectopic Pregnancy


Ectopic pregnancy causes 15% of all maternal deaths. Once a patient has had an ectopic pregnancy, there is a 7 to 13 fold increase in the risk recurrence. Factors that have been shown to increase the risk of tubal pregnancy include

1) Previous pelvic inflammatory disease, 2) previous tubal surgery, 3) current use of an intrauterine device , and 4) previous ectopic gestation .


Any pregnancy in which the embryo implant outside the uterine cavity is defined as an ectopic pregnancy (EP) . Hemorrhagic shock secondary to EP accounts for 6 – 7 % of all maternal death.

Lesser Risk: Previous pelvic or abdominal surgery , Cigarette smoking, Vaginal douching and Age of 1st intercourse <18 years.

Greater Risk: Previous genital infections (eg PID), Infertility (In vitro fertilization) and Multiple sexual partners.

Greatest Risk : Previous ectopic pregnancy, Previous tubal surgery or sterilization , Diethylstibestrol exposure in utero, Documented tubel pathology, Use of intrauterine contraceptive device.

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