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Introduction of DNA Quantitative Ploidy Analysis

Date: Aug 30,2015   Read: 
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  In the past, people would never connect cervical cancer with young women, because it usually happened to women above 50. However, this standard never holds water since more and more young women are diagnosed having this disease, and a number of them on the middle and advanced stages. Cervical cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors with an average 500,000 new cases reported each year, which makes its incidence only second to breast cancer. Fortunately, cervical cancer is the only tumor which has clear pathogenesis and can be diagnosed at an early stage and treated.
  DNA Quantitative Ploidy Analysis
  Gynecological diseases usually take on no symptoms on the early stage. An annual check is recommended to female with the following situations:
  1. Sexual activity at a young age
  2. Multiple sexual partners, history of premature birth, multiple birth or miscarriage
  3. Age above 30, especially above 40
  4. Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  5. Bleeding or abnormal vaginal discharge after intercourse
  6. Smoking, drugs or malnutrition, cancer history among direct relatives
  7. Chronic cervicitis or pre-cancerous lesion of malignant tumor.
  8. Weak immune function, or HIV positive , organ transplant or chemo history
  9. Sexual partner with long foreskin
  The key of preventing cervical cancer is early cancer screening because it has a certain period of evolution ranging from years to decades. DNA quantitative ploidy analysis is the most effective technique to monitor the progress of tumor. It can analyze all cells on the smear and even small changes of cells, which is usually overlooked by human naked eyes because a small amount of abnormal cells hidden among the normal cells. These small cell change is usually the symptom of early cancer. Therefore, this technique can greatly improve the positive incidence.
  Main clinic values of DNA ploidy analysis
  1. Greatly improve the positive incidence of cervical cancer and pre-cancerous lesions.
  2. Evaluation of the grade of malignancy, the number of DNA heteroploid cells determines the grade of malignancy.
  3. Prediction of the development tendency of cervical cancer or pre-cancerous lesions
  4. Automatic analysis of cells offsets the disadvantages of TCT.
  5. Evaluate the treatment effect of cervical cancer.
  Comparison between DNA quantitative ploidy analysis and traditional cervical cancer screening techniques
  Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital has introduced Landing early cancer detection technology and DNA ploidy quantitative analysis technique. Early prevention and detection of cervical cancer is more important than treatment in an advanced stage.
  Cervical Cancer Screening Promotion Season
  Period: 1st September to 30th September 2015

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