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H. Sema.Malinova Senior Psychologist, MA/ LPC/ CBT/ Registered IPCF Psychology Counsellor
  • Oxford College A Level CBT therapist.

  • Founder of Self Hypnosis Based Gentle Birth.

  • Nationality: Bulgaria Languages Skill: English, Mandarin, Bulgarian, Turkish.

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6 years academic mental health research background in Hacettepe University Hospitals Turkey;
Gynecology, Terminal Oncology, Neurosurgery Psychology support experience during her working period at Hacettepe University Hospitals;
5 years experience in Developmental Psychology practice in early childhood in Shanghai;
3 years experience as Director of International VIP department at Changsha Maria Maternity Hospital Hunan, China;
Currently working as Director of International Medical Center Psychology Department at Guangzhou Elizabeth Women’s Hospital ,China;


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