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Djobo Clemence PHD in OB-GYN, Consultant in OB-GYN,Endocrinology & Reproductive Medicine
  • MBBS at Peking University Health Science Center

  • PHD at Sun Yat -Sen University

  • Language Skills: French, English, Mandarin, Basic Cantonese

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Graduated from Togo Lome University Medical College in 1999 and was awarded bachelor’s degree of Peking University Health Science Center in 2005.

Obtained MD and PHD degrees in Sun Yat-sen University, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital respectively in 2005 and 2009.

Proficient in combining clinical case analysis and statistical data to analyze the results of 4D ultrasound (4D View).

Years of clinical practice, mastered diagnosis and treatment of Gynecological diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, endocrine diseases and infertility. iosis.


Preliminary treatment for common Gynecologic diseases independently;

Master clinical operational skills such as diagnosis process of infertility, Gynecology ultrasound, especially 3D Doppler color ultrasound,cyst ouctvure, IUI, ET etc

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