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Helan Song Chief Physician, Member of Guangdong Prenatal Medicine, Language Skill: Mandarin
  • Guangdong Medical Malpractice Appraisal Expert

  • Member of Guangdong Prenatal Medicine

  • Language Skill: Mandarin

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Graduated from the School of Medicine of Southeast University in 1983 (former Department of Medicine of Nanjing Railway Medical College).

Member of Guangdong Medical Malpractice Expert Bank.

Clinical experience in OB-GYN, teaching and eugenic consulting,

Prenatal care and high-risk pregnancy, especially in dealing with pregnancy complications, and has unique insights to improve natural childbirth, reduce the cesarean section rate.

Treating infertility, Gynecological endocrine diseases and Gynecological tumors.


Prenatal Medicine, eugenic consulting, prenatal care and high-risk pregnancy.

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