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Special Promotion for Health check-up

Date: Jun 23,2015   Read: 
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In the contemporary society, women are more and more respected with equal rights. And we value the incredible triumphs that women have fought for these years. No matter what women fight for, don't forget to take good care of yourselves. A healthy and beautiful life is always the most precious thing.

GZ Elizabeth Women's Hospital provides women and their spouses with special health check-up service. Preferential price is now being promoted.


Women are welcomed to bring their spouses or other families together to Elizabeth. Special Health Check-up package service is now accessible only by appointment.


How to make an appointment with these preferential check-up price?
1. Follow our official Wechat Account (Elizabeth_Medical);
    关注伊丽莎白英文官方微信 (Elizabeth_Medical);

2. Enter our wechat account's front page, press the "Services" menu then press the "Appts." button;
    进入公众号首页菜单栏,按 "Services" 键,找到”Appts”,进入在线预约系统。

3. In our online appointment system, you can choose the "Health Check A/B" option and submit your contact infomation to us, we'll do the rest.
    进入在线预约系统后,在预约服务选项中选择"Health Check-up A/B",提交您的联系方式,我们收到预约信息后便尽快跟您回复确认。


Tip: All these preferential prices are only accessible and valid via this online appointment. All rights reserved.
温馨提示: 只要通过预约,均可享受 以上所有优惠体检套餐价格。本次活动最终解释权归广州伊丽莎白妇产医院所有。

We provide not only offline medical service but also Internet inquiry.

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