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Special Promotion for Health check-up

Date: Jun 23,2015   Read: 
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GZ Elizabeth Women's Hospital provides women and their spouses with special health check-up service. Preferential price is now being promoted. A healthy and beautiful life is always the most precious thing.

*To get the preferential discount please scan WeChat code or SMS/Call  18933981688



Women are welcomed to bring their spouses or other families together to Elizabeth. Special Health Check-up package service is now accessible only by appointment.


How to make an appointment with these preferential check-up price?

1. Follow our official WeChat Account (Elizabeth_Medical);

2. Enter our wechat account's front page, press the "Services" menu then press the "Appts." button;

3. In our online appointment system, you can choose the "Health Check A/B" option and submit your contact infomation to us, we'll do the rest.


To get the preferential discount please scan WeChat code or SMS/Call 18933981688

We provide not only offline medical service but also Internet inquiry.

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