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Gravidarum Striae occur during the gestation period, it’s the result of abdominal swelling that breaks the skin elasticity fiber and leaves pink, red or purple streaks. After labor delivery, the streaks may gradually turn light but still remain on the abdomen. Gravidarum Striae may also appear on the inner and outer side of the thighs, or on the back, hips, breasts and arms, particularly obvious on the first time pregnant women. Gravidarum Striae will not naturally turn light or vanish.


1. Intense Pulsed Light: It is a non-operational, non-interventional and non-exfoliated physiotherapy for skin aging treatment. Using wide spectrum of intense pulsed light can help erase wrinkles, spots, freckles, sunburns, blood streak under skin, acne rosacea, hemangioma, nevus flammeus, and shrink pores, recover skin elasticity.

2. Laser Treatment: Laser can stimulate the skin collagen layer to produce new collagen and activate body’s self-recovery function, improving skin elasticity, texture and brightness. Laser treatment can also help shrink pores.

3. Radio Frequency Treatment: It is a non-invasive, safe and effective treatment, which can penetrate basal layer’s melanin and heat dermis’s collagen fiber to 55℃-65℃ before it shrinks and tightens the skin.


Before the treatment

Dermatitis must be cured before further surgery on the same area.

After the treatment


1. It’d be better not to have spa or sauna in the first week right after the treatment;

2. Keep the body moisturized and away from sunburn;Advantages

1. Well-rounded Beauty Management: Thorough diagnosis from beneath the hypodermis, precise dialysis of skin problems, Elizabeth Aesthetic Medicine Experts provide you with detailed report and customized solutions.

2. Advanced Aesthetic Medicine System: A collective of advanced skin Aesthetic Medicine apparatus are applied according to the clients’ different needs.

3. Over 10 thousand successful examples: Elizabeth Aesthetic Medicine Center is supported by excellent experts with years of experience.

4. Minimally Invasive: Most of the Aesthetic Medicine procedures are non-operational, minimally invasive and without using anesthetics. Some procedures usually take 20-30minutes, and clients return to normal work and life without any recovery period.

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