Nostrils Shrinking



Minimally Invasive Customized Aesthetic Plan Supported by experienced experts


Big nostrils grow genetically with wide nose head and thick nose wings, which form a swollen impression. Shrinking the nostrils to proper size can reshape the nose head and nose wings, thus greatly improve one’s overall look.


1. Cartilage Transplantation: Minimal cut will be made within the nostrils. Then either remove the front part of the nasal wing cartilage or the rear part of nasal side cartilage.

2. Nasal Wing Cartilage Convergence: Minimal cut will be made on the columella nasi. Then remove the cartilage between two medial crura.

3. Nasal Wing Base Removal: Shrink the nostril by removing a wedge-shaped tissue from the nasal wing base.


Before the treatment:

1. Make sure to have good communication with the doctor before the treatment so that the doctor can personalize suitable plan for you.

2. A thorough body check-up is recommended before the treatment to ensure your body is fit and ready.

3. Do not take Aspirin or any antibiotic medicine two weeks before the treatment.

4. If you have diabetes or hypertension, please inform the doctor to have precautions before the treatment.

5. Avoid having the treatment during menstruation.

6. No smoking or alcohol before the treatment.

After the treatment:

1. Antibiotics will be applied 3-5days after the treatment to prevent infection.

2. Keep surgical cut from water to prevent infection.

3. Avoid frequent or fierce activity to prevent dislocation of implantation.

4. Stitches of rhinoplasty cut will be removed 5-7days after the treatment.

5. Avoid eating spicy or piquant food after the treatment.



1. Customized treatment plan according to one’s specific nose condition and aesthetic standard.

2. Minimally invasive and concealed cut; quick surgery and recovery.

3. Experienced experts supporting, more reliable, more natural and safer the treatment.

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