Nose Rectification



Minimally InvasiveCustomized Aesthetic PlanSupported by experienced experts


Nose rectification is based on clients’ face aesthetic, age, characteristics, job, etc. Elizabeth Aesthetic Medicine exerts professional technique with the use of self-cartilage or implantation to rectify abnormal nose.


1. Using self-cartilage or implantation to adjust nose proportion and shape

2. Extract redundant soft tissues of the nose from inside the nostrils.

3. Medial cartilage prolongation: Using self-cartilage or implantation to prolong the length of Medial cartilage.


Before the treatment:

1. Do not take Aspirin or any antibiotic medicine two weeks before the treatment.

2. If you have diabetes or hypertension, please inform the doctor to have precautions before rhinoplasty

3. Avoid having the treatment during menstruation.

4. A thorough body check-up is recommended before the treatment to ensure your body is fit and ready.

5. Do not wear make-up before the treatment.


After the treatment:

1. Ice compress treatment will be taken 24-48 hours after the treatment.

2. Keep surgical cut clean and dry for at least a week to prevent infection.

3. 1 Intravenous injection of antibiotics will be applied and antibiotic medicine shall be taken 3-5days after the treatment to prevent infection.

4. Stitches of rhinoplasty cut will be removed 5-7days after the treatment.

5. The nose may swell a little bit after the treatment and will usually return normal 4 days later. If necessary, discutient may be taken.

6. Avoid fierce activity or collision of nose after the treatment.


1. Customized treatment plan according to one’s specific nasal wings condition and aesthetic standard.

2. Minimally invasive and concealed cut; quick surgery and recovery.

3. Experienced experts supporting, more reliable, more natural and safer the treatment.


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