Waist Liposuction



Minimally Invasive Long Lasting Effect Precise Liposuction


Waist liposuction treatment exerts ultrasound, high frequency electric field technique to shatter the waist fat and withdraw it by using sub-pressure.


1. For common waist fat stacking, a minimal puncture will be made in the center of the lower waist pubis.

2. If there’s too much fat stacking at both sides of the waist, minimal cut will be made in both sides of the lower waist to increase liposuction range.

3. If fat seriously stacks all around the waist, minimal cut will be made in both sides of the lower waist and in the upper edge of the navel to reach maximum liposuction range.


Before the treatment:

1. Have a body check before the treatment to ensure that there’s no critical heart, liver, lung, or kidney diseases.

2. Take a shower every day from 3 days before the treatment and try not to eat crude fiber food.

After the treatment:

1. Keep the medical compress clean and tight.

2. No water touching of the surgical area before removing the medical stitches.

3. Avoid fierce activity for a month after the treatment. Wear elastic bandage over the surgical area for 4 months to help recover.

4. Eat more vegetables for 14 days after the treatment to prevent constipation. Use antibiotics to prevent infection.



1. Efficient liposuction treatment: Keeping the body fit without going on diet. Just maintain a healthy diet and adequate exercise.

2. Precise Liposuction: Smart machine locates and withdraw waist fat evenly.

3. Secure and Reliable: 360°progressive waist fat scanning technique and operated by experienced experts.

4. Minimally Invasive: Micro puncture less than 0.2cm. No scar left after recovery.

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