Thigh Liposuction



Minimally Invasive Long Lasting Effect Precise Liposuction


Thigh liposuction is carried out based on the human aesthetic notion and the clients’ body proportion. By withdrawing the fat in the thigh, slim and prolonged feet is achieved. General or regional anesthesia is employed in this treatment.


Thigh liposuction treatment exerts hydrodynamic technique and swirling water pressure to precisely separate lipocytes from muscles without damaging blood vessels and nerves.


Before the treatment:

1. Stop drinking alcohol and taking vasodilating medicine for 1 week before the treatment.

2. If you have or once had heart, lung, kidney or blood diseases, or any surgical history, or medical allergy, let the doctor know before the treatment.

3. You can choose to take sleeping pill the night before the treatment. Sedatives or pain-relieving medicine may be used half an hour before the treatment. If fasting is necessary, the anesthetist will inform you in advance.

After the treatment:

1. Do not eat spicy or piquant food before recovery.

2. Keep the surgical area clean to prevent infection. If there’s bleeding or secretion, use sterile saline to clean it.

3. Mild pain or uncomfort may occur after the treatment but will gradually abate. Thus do not take Aspirin or any pain-relieving medicine to prevent wound bleeding.

4. Medical compress or ice compress may be used after the treatment, but do not press it hard to prevent inner bleeding or swollen situation. Any serious situation, please go to the doctor ASAP.

5. Try to avoid water touching of the surgical area for a week after the treatment.

6. Follow the doctor’s instructions after the treatment.



1. Efficient liposuction treatment: Keeping the body fit without going on diet. Just maintain a healthy diet and adequate exercise.

2. Precise Liposuction: Smart machine locates and withdraw thigh fat evenly.

3. Secure and Reliable: 360°progressive thigh fat scanning technique and operated by experienced experts.

4. Minimally Invasive: Micro puncture less than 0.2cm. No scar left after recovery.

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