Neck Liposuction



Minimally Invasive Long Lasting Effect Precise Liposuction


Neck fat can become more and more intractable through aging or obesity. Too much fat stacking in the neck can harm one’s respiratory system too.


1. Mark the liposuction area in the neck

2. Employ regional narcotic for the neck liposuction.

3. Hydrodynamic liposuction system is applied to accurately withdraw neck fat

4. Exert enhanced sub-pressure technique to avoid inner trauma.


After the treatment:

1. Wear tight clothes to help reshape body and prevent swollen situation after the treatment

2. If the medical compress leaks, use absorbant cushion.

3. If the liposuction area turns dry after the treatment, use skin cream or moisturizer.

4. Tender massage is recommended to help improve the neck skin after the treatment.

5. Have sufficient rest for 1 week after the treatment to prevent accidental hemorrhage.



1. Efficient liposuction treatment: Keeping the body fit without going on diet. Just maintain a healthy diet and adequate exercise.

2. Precise Liposuction: Smart machine locates and withdraw neck fat evenly.

3. Secure and Reliable: 360°progressive neck fat scanning technique and operated by experienced experts.

4. Minimally Invasive: Micro puncture less than 0.2cm. No scar left after recovery.

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