Hip Liposuction



Minimally Invasive Long Lasting Effect Precise Liposuction


Women’s hip is considered one of the sexiest parts beside face and chest. Resulting from the massive fat and thick muscle in the hip, it’s apt to become flabby and prolapse. Hip liposuction aims at resizing the hip and tightening the flabby skin and muscle, so as to create a sexy hip curve and edge that smooth along from the waist to the thigh.


1. Hip liposuction takes place in two spots, one in the upper part of the hip, the other in the lower part.

2. Using optimized liposuction plan according to different clients’ hip situation. Precisely target the liposuction spots to reshape a tight and up-going hip, and also cause the effect of prolonged feet.

3. If there’s obvious dent in the hip area, this treatment can transplant the clarified fat into the dent to create well-proportioned hip.


Before the treatment:

1. Have a body check before the treatment to ensure that there’s no critical heart, liver, lung, or kidney diseases.

2. Take a shower every day from 3 days before the treatment

3. Try not to eat crude fiber food.

After the treatment:

1. Keep the medical compress clean and tight.

2. No water touching of the surgical area before removing the medical stitches.

3. Avoid fierce activity for a month after the treatment. Wear elastic bandage over the surgical area for 4 months to help recover.

4. Eat more vegetables for 14 days after the treatment to prevent constipation. Use antibiotics to prevent infection.



1. Efficient liposuction treatment: Keeping the body fit without going on diet. Just maintain a healthy diet and adequate exercise.

2. Precise Liposuction: Smart machine locates and withdraw hip fat evenly.

3. Secure and Reliable: 360°progressive hip fat scanning technique and operated by experienced experts.

4. Minimally Invasive: Micro puncture less than 0.2cm. No scar left after recovery.

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