Facial Liposuction



Minimally Invasive Long Lasting Effect Precise Liposuction


Facial fat usually stacks in the cheek and lower jaw. Too much fat makes the face look wide, square or round, even creates double chins. Facial liposuction exerts sub-pressure, ultrasound, electronic or resonance technique to withdraw lipocytes from the face, and through which to reshape the face contour and proportion.


1. 2mm minimal puncture is made under the earlobe or in the inner side of the mouth corner or center of the lower jaw.

2. Use 2mm diameter’s round-pointed needle to clear paths to the facial fat layer.

3. Create sub-pressure by pulling the needle’s petcock, and then withdraw facial fat out evenly.


Before the treatment:

1. No steroid hormone, aspirin or anti-coagulation medicine for 2 weeks before the treatment.

2. Ascertain that you are healthy without any contagious disease or inflammation.

3. No make-up before the treatment

4. Female should avoid the treatment during menstruation; Male should stop smoking 1 week before the treatment.

After the treatment:

1. Avoid water touching of the surgical area before removing the surgical stitches.

2. Keep the surgical area clean to prevent infection. If there’s bleeding or secretion, use sterile saline to clean it.

3. Have a good rest after the treatment. Use semireclining position to prevent sore eyes or swollen face.

4. Mild pain or uncomfort may occur after the treatment but will gradually abate. Thus do not take Aspirin or any pain-relieving medicine to prevent wound bleeding.

5. No spicy or piquant food after the treatment.

6. Follow the doctor’s instruction for further check.



1. Precise Liposuction: Smart machine locates facial fat.

2. Secure and Reliable: 360°progressive facial fat scanning technique and operated by experienced experts.

3. Minimally Invasive: Micro puncture less than 0.2cm. No scar left after recovery.

4. Long Lasting Effect: Diminish lipocytes’ amount obviously and maintain the effect.

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