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Leg Hair Removal



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Leg hair commonly grows on the thigh, shank, instep and toes. Due to the influence of hormone, some people have long and thick leg hair. Elizabeth laser depilation exerts patented painless technique (IN-MOTION©) which is capable of shrinking pores and tightening skin.


Leg hair laser depilation is completed by 3 steps:

Step 1: Depilation. Employ specially designed double pulsed laser apparatus to stimulate the skin and pores with low energy density laser. The two different preset modes’ laser can emit 10 pulses per second, under which the leg hair follicles will be deactivated.

Step 2: Pores Shrinking. Exerts NIR infrared wave technique, the spectrum of which is between 900-1600nm. Infrared wave can breach through pores and stimulate the growth of collagen and the shrinking of skin fiber.

Step 3: Skin tightening. After the above treatments, skin lotion is used to help tighten the skin and maintain its moisture.


Before the treatment:

1. Ascertain that there’s no armpit wound or skin allergy situation before the treatment;

2. Stop using depilation cream, wax or other depilation products 2 weeks before the treatment,

3. Clean the legs before the treatment to prevent infection.

4. Ascertain that the skin is not sunburned before the treatment to prevent skin glowing or blisters.

After the treatment:

1. Do not touch the legs with hot water for a day after the treatment.

2. Do not use depilation cream, wax or other depilation products after the treatment.

3. No spicy or piquant food after the treatment.

4. Protect the skin from sunburn after the treatment.



1. Patented Painless Technique: Employing specially designed double pulsed laser apparatus operated by experienced experts.

2. Cool and Comfortable: The apparatus can cool down the depilation area to about 5℃, under which creates a painless and comfortable treatment.

3. Secure and Efficient: Choosing safe standard spectrum to maintain balance between high efficiency and safety. No scars, allergy or side-effects after the treatment.

4. Quick & Convenient: Using the 3rd generation apparatus which is 3-5 times quicker than before.

5. Multiple Benefits: Painless laser liposuction with extra benefits of pores shrinking and skin tightening.

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