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Senile plaque is an aging pigment patch on or inside the skin. In medical terms, it’s also called Seborrheic Keratosis, which is a sort of benign epidermis hyperplasia tumor. Senile plaque usually starts to grow out after 40 years’ old. It can be seen on the scalp, face, upper limbs or the back of the hand, etc. Sometimes it even grows at the heart, blood vessels, liver or endocrine glands. Therefore, the sooner senile plaque is treated the better.


Elizabeth facial spots removal treatment employs intensive pulsed laser apparatus (IPL). Intensive pulsed laser is a wide spectrum laser that can breach through skin and be first absorbed by the pigment cells. The pigment cells will be heated and decomposed after absorbing the IPL. Thus diminish the facial spots and brighten the skin.


Before the treatment:

1. Form a habit of high quality sleep way before the treatment.

2. No smoking, alcohol drinking or any medicine taking before the treatment.

3. Do not wear make-up before the treatment.

4. Have a thorough body check-up before the treatment to ensure there’s no serious disease or infection.

After the treatment:

1. Use skin repair cream after the treatment to help recover.

2. Do not wear make-up or use any molting, exfoliating or hormonal products until fully recover.

3. Do not take sauna within 6 months after the treatment.

4. Wear sunscreen in the day.

5. Keep a good mood, avoid anxiety. Sufficient sleep can greatly benefit the recovery.

6. Go on a healthy diet with food abundant in Vitamin C & E. Avoid spicy and piquant food.

7. Avoid direct sunshine to prevent sunburn after the treatment.

8. It’s recommended to receive this treatment as soon as possible, because as getting old, the facial pigment will become darker and darker, deeper and deeper, which requests longer treatment period.



1. Thorough Spots Removal: Exerts international advanced IPL technique, precisely target and decompose pigment.

2. Non-invasive: Painless treatment without side-effects

3. Long Lasting Effect: Quick and high efficiency treatment.

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