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Coffee Patch Removal



Non-invasive Long Lasting Effect Thorough Spots Removal


Coffee patch can be found when one was born. It’s a coffee colored or brownish patch on the face. The coffee patch has clear boundary with well-proportioned color. The color won’t be affected by sunshine.


Guangzhou Elizabeth employs advanced skin pigment decomposing apparatus imported from Israel. The apparatus exerts DR laser, super high Gauss, energy detection and parallel facula techniques which can provide powerful and precise laser to penetrate the skin to target and decompose the coffee patches without damaging other skin tissues.


Before the treatment:

1. Form a habit of high quality sleep way before the treatment.

2. No smoking, alcohol drinking or any medicine taking before the treatment.

3. Do not wear make-up before the treatment.

4. Have a thorough body check-up before the treatment to ensure there’s no serious disease or infection.

After the treatment:

1. Use skin repair cream after the treatment to help recover.

2. Do not wear make-up or use any molting, exfoliating or hormonal products until fully recover.

3. Do not take sauna within 6 months after the treatment.

4. Wear sunscreen in the day.

5. Keep a good mood, avoid anxiety. Sufficient sleep can greatly benefit the recovery.

6. Go on a healthy diet with food abundant in Vitamin C & E. Avoid spicy and piquant food.

7. Avoid direct sunshine to prevent sunburn after the treatment.

8. It’s recommended to receive this treatment as soon as possible, because as getting old, the facial pigment will become darker and darker, deeper and deeper, which requests longer treatment period.



1. Precise Energy Detection Technique:

Detect the energy collocation and density in the skin, and then synchronize energy of the pulsed laser with the skin pigment in order to precisely decompose the pigment without damaging other skin tissues.

2. 2000mj Intensive Pulsed Laser Technique:

The maximum energy of the intensive pulsed laser can reach 2000mj, which is currently the highest facial spots removing pulsed laser in the world. With its intensive power, higher removing efficiency and quicker treatment can be achieved.

3. Super High Gauss Technique:

Latest technique that can realize well-proportioned Gauss facula, which is different from the traditional Gauss facula whose collocation was intensive in the core but weak around the edge.

4. Optional Wave Length:

The apparatus provides four different lengths of wave: 1064nm, 532nm, 585nm and 650nm which can reach different depths of skin; more flexible options to choose according to the different situations of the facial spots.

5. Parallel Facula Technique:

Exert optical focusing design, the parallel facula of which can reach 10mm maximum. With this technique, the pulsed laser can penetrate deeper and well-proportionally collocate the energy to prevent over heating situation.

6. DR Laser Technique:

Amplify the power capacity based on the pulse output so as to increase pigment decomposing efficiency.

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