Breast Implantation

Prosthesis Implantation



Minimally Invasive Customized Aesthetic Plan Supported by experienced experts


A minimal cut is made to implant breast prosthesis in the breasts with endoscopic technique so as to distend breasts volume, improve the shape and curve of breast. Elizabeth Aesthetic Medicine uses imported breast prosthesis (from UK, US) which is more compatible with breasts and feels more real.


1. Minimal cut is made under the breast to implant prosthesis into the breast cavity.

2. Minimal cut is made at the armpits to implant prosthesis into the ectopectoralis. It’s good for concealing cut in the armpits.

3. Minimal cut is made at the areola, which is good for concealing the cut after the treatment.


Before the treatment:

1. Make sure to have good communication with the doctor before the treatment so that the doctor can personalize suitable plan and prosthesis for you.

2. A thorough body check-up is recommended before the treatment to ensure your body is fit and ready.

3. Do not take Aspirin or any antibiotic medicine two weeks before the treatment.

4. If you have diabetes or hypertension, please inform the doctor to have precautions before rhinoplasty

5. Avoid having the treatment during menstruation.

After the treatment:

1. Keep surgical cut from water to prevent infection until the stitches are removed 7 days later.

2. No spa, sauna, swimming or any skin treatment 2 weeks after the treatment.

3. Avoid eating spicy or piquant food or smoking an alcohol 1 week after the treatment.

4. Regular breast massage is recommended after the treatment.

5. Avoid raising hands above or carrying heavy stuffs for a month; avoid fierce activity for 2 months.

6. If the surgical cut grows red or hard, or swells or suppurates, go to the doctor ASAP.



1. Customized treatment plan according to one’s specific breast condition, height and body shape.

2. Minimally invasive technique and concealed cut using dissolvable surgical thread

3. More reliable, and safer by using high standard imported prosthesis, without harming breast tissues or affecting breast feeding

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