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Nipples & Areolas



Minimally Invasive Customized Aesthetic Plan Supported by experienced experts


Breasts Aesthetics is an integrated achievement completed by beautiful balance of shape, size, nipples and areolas. However, resulting from innate reasons or breast feeding, many women have nipples’ or areolas’ deficiency such as over-sized or sunken nipples, over-sized areolas, etc. Nipples & Areolas Aesthetics can rectify complicated issues of nipples and areolas, particularly after surgical trauma or infection.


1. Over-sized nipples: First exfoliate the side skin and hypodermia of nipples but maintain the blood vessels, nerves and breast gland catheters. Then sew up the wounds.

2. Sunken nipples: To unleash the myolin that pulls back the nipples and stuff beneath the nipples with tissues around so as to reshape the nipples and strengthen their resiliency

3. Over-sized areolas: Areolas with diameter over 45mm are usually considered over-sized. Through the treatment, the size of areolas can be shrunk by 5-10mm according to the clients’ situation.


Before the treatment:

1. No Aspirin medicine 2 weeks before the treatment.

2. If you have or once had hypertension or diabetes, you should tell the doctor before the treatment.

3. Ascertain that you are healthy without any contagious disease or inflammation.

4. 6 months within menstruation, gestation or breast feeding is not suggested to receive this treatment.

After the treatment:

1. Avoid touching the wounds with water to prevent infection.

2. Avoid fierce activity for better recovery

3. Do not take Aspirin, Ginseng or any blood invigorating medicine, diet pills, or antidysmenorrheics after the treatment.

4. Avoid pressing, pulling or squeezing the surgical area after the treatment.

5. Do not eat spicy or piquant food during the recovery after the treatment.



1. Technique: Using endoscope to achieve shorter timed and more precise treatment.

2. Customized Plan: Optimize breast aesthetics according to the clients’ situation;

3. Operated by experienced experts who have numerous successful treatments or surgeries.

4. Minimally Invasive: Quick recovery from 24 hours after the treatment. No affection over breast feeding.

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