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Accessory Breast Resection



Minimally Invasive Customized Aesthetic Plan Supported by experienced experts


Accessory Breast usually grows in adulthood or in gestational or breast feeding period. It will become more and more obvious after 40 years’ old. Accessory Breast commonly grows out from under the armpit to the outer side of the breast. This treatment can remove the accessory breasts without affecting the main breasts. The minimally invasive cut is hidden in the armpit to maintain aesthetic purpose.


1. Customized Plan: Surgery is suggested for real accessory breast. Liposuction is suggested for false accessory breast.

2. Minimally Invasive: Small cut is hidden in the armpit to maintain aesthetic purpose (regional narcotic is suggested).

3. Breast Liposuction: Exerting hydrodynamic liposuction technique whose accuracy reaches 0.01mm. Or using lipolysis injection to help dispose of the accessory breast.


Before the treatment:

1. No Aspirin medicine 2 weeks before the treatment.

2. If you have or once had hypertension or diabetes, you should tell the doctor before the treatment.

3. Ascertain that you are healthy without any contagious disease or inflammation.

4. 6 months within menstruation, gestation or breast feeding is not suggested to receive this treatment.

After the treatment:

1. Avoid fierce movement or upper limbs lifting, use bandage over the breasts if necessary.

2. Take adequate Vitamin E to help recover. If the surgical cut grows red, hard or swells or leaks, physiotherapy is suggested.

3. No sex activity for a week after the treatment.

4. Keep cautious of touching the breasts, if there’s any unusual situation or uncomfortable feeling, contact the doctor ASAP.



1. Due to the skin’s natural resiliency and tight vest wearing after the treatment, there won’t be obvious wrinkles left after the accessory breasts are resected.

2. One treatment, double benefits: If clients have osmidrosis, this treatment can solve it at the same time.

3. Concealing Cut: Surgical cut is hidden in the armpit folds, no obvious scars will be left.

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