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Breast Resizing



Minimally Invasive Customized Aesthetic Plan Supported by experienced experts


Breast resizing treatment aims at rectifying over-growing breasts (or breast hypertrophy syndrome) back to normal. Over-growing breasts can bring mental and physical trouble to female and cause breast prolapse. This treatment is capable to resize and reshape breasts by removing redundant breast glands and breast fat.


1. Areola Cutting: Make a minimally invasive cut around the areolas, then remove redundant breast fat and tighten the skin before sewing up. This treatment is suitable for general over-growing breasts, not for breast hypertrophy syndrome.

2. T-shaped Cutting: For breast hypertrophy syndrome, a T-shaped cut is made in the lower part of the breast, where massive breast fat and skin can be withdrawn. The effect is outstanding but will probably leave a small scar.


Before the treatment:

1. No Aspirin medicine 2 weeks before the treatment.

2. If you have or once had hypertension or diabetes, you should tell the doctor before the treatment.

3. Ascertain that you are healthy without any contagious disease, inflammation or family history of breast cancer

4. 6 months within menstruation, gestation or breast feeding is not suggested to receive this treatment.

5. Stop smoking 1 week before the treatment.

After the treatment:

1. It’s recommended to lie in bed for 24 hours and avoid activity to prevent bleeding or medical compress loosing.

2. Pay attention to the nipples and areolas, if there’s any unusual situation or uncomfortable feeling, contact the doctor ASAP.

3. Pay attention to the medical compress over the surgical area, if there’s any obvious leaking or loosing situation, go to the doctor’s to change new one, keep the surgical area clean to prevent infection.

4. Eat more high protein food which is good for the recovery



1. Technique: Using endoscope to achieve shorter timed and more precise treatment.

2. Customized Plan: Optimize breast aesthetics according to the clients’ situation;

3. Operated by experienced experts who have numerous successful treatments or surgeries.

4. Minimally Invasive: Quick recovery from 24 hours after the treatment. No affection over breast feeding.

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