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Breasts prolapse commonly occurs on women in and after breast feeding period. It is the result of rapid growth of breast gland and breast connective tissues that overload the breast carrying capacity. Breasts lifting can help tighten the breast skin and breast tissues, rectify the breast shape and areola’s position.


1. Minimal cut at the areola: help tighten the breast skin and breast tissues, rectify the breast shape and areola’s position. It’s suitable for slight breasts prolapse.

2. Vertical cut at the areola: It’s a common method in the recent years which is suitable for serious breasts prolapse or big breasts situation.

3. O-shaped cut: suitable for critically serious breasts prolapse or huge breasts situation.


Before the treatment:

1. A thorough body check-up is recommended before the treatment to ensure your body is fit and ready.

2. Do not take Aspirin or any antibiotic medicine two weeks before the treatment.

3. Avoid having the treatment during menstruation, pregnancy or within 6 months of breast feeding period.

4. No drinking alcohol 24hours before the treatment.

5. No smoking 2 weeks before the treatment.

6. Stop eating Ginseng or tonic food before the treatment.

7. A shower is recommended before the treatment.

After the treatment:

1. Stay in bed to rest the day the treatment is finished.

2. Antibiotic medicine shall be taken or injected for 2-3days after the treatment.

3. Assisting kit or medical compress will be removed 1-2days after the treatment.

4. Surgical stitches will be gradually removed within the 2nd week. And start wearingelastic vest till the swell or bruises disappear.

5. Avoid fierce movement or upper limbs lifting, use bandage over the breasts if necessary.

6. No sex activity for 2 weeks after the treatment. Keep cautious of touching the breastsbefore fully recovery.



1. Achieve optimized breast aesthetics according to the clients’ situation;

2. Breast lifting merely lifts the breast glands and nipples, which is safer without harming the tissues oraffecting breast feeding.

3. Operated by experienced experts who have numerous successful treatments or surgeries.

4. Minimally Invasive: micro and concealing cut to diminish any side effect to the lowest level after the treatment.

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