Breast Implantation

Self-body Fat Implantation



Minimally Invasive Customized Aesthetic Plan Supported by experienced experts


Using self-body fat extracted from waist, abdomen, hips or legs for implantation, which can both achieve breast aesthetics and beautiful body reshaping. Moreover, body fat extraction exerts micro needle without surgical cut or bleeding.


1. Exert partial narcotic technique upon waist, abdomen, hips or legs to extract self-body fat.

2. Clarify the extracted self-body fat with medical saline and antibiotics.

3. Use advanced apparatus to add self-growth elements in the clarified self-body fat to enhance its vitality after being implanted in the breasts.


Before the treatment:

1. A thorough body check-up is recommended before the treatment to ensure your body is fit and ready.

2. Do not take Aspirin or any antibiotic medicine two weeks before the treatment.

3. Avoid having the treatment during menstruation.

After the treatment:

1. Avoid fierce activity for 2 months.

2. Antibiotic medicine shall be taken according to the doctor’s order.

3. Wear supporting bandage for half a month after the treatment to help with breast and skin recovery.



1. Compatibility: using self-body fat for implantation to avoid body rejection.

2. Vitality: clarified self-body fat and self-growth element supplemented to augment implantation vitality.

3. Minimally Invasive: micro and concealing cut to diminish any side effect to the lowest level after the treatment.

4. One breast treatment, double benefits: both achieve breast aesthetics and beautiful body reshaping by extracting extra body fat from waist, abdomen, hips or legs.

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