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Ovarian Infertility


Ovary is one of the most important female organs. It mainly has two functions. One is to produce follicle and ovulate egg, and the other is to synthesize and secret sexual hormones. Ovulation dysfunction and ovarian dysfunction could lead to endocrine disorder which in turn cause infertility. Ovarian factor infertility accounts for 15% to 25% of the total infertility cases.

Items to check ovarian function

1. Basal Body Temperature. It is the lowest body temperature attained during rest (usually during sleep). It is generally measured immediately after awakening and before any physical activity has been undertaken, although the temperature measured at that time is somewhat higher than the true basal body temperature. In women,ovulation causes an increase of one-half to one degree Fahrenheit (one-quarter to one-half degree Celsius) in basal body temperature (BBT); monitoring of BBTs is one way of estimating the day of ovulation. The tendency of a woman to have lower temperatures before ovulation, and higher temperatures afterwards, is known as a biphasicpattern.

2. Follicle monitoring by ultrasound. From the ninth day of menstruation, ultrasound can monitor follicle till the ovulation happens. If follicle does not discharge, it might indicate ovulation abnormality.

3. Uterine endometrium check.

4. Blood tests.

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