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It is every family’s wish to have a healthy child. But to some families, it may be a big unspeakable pain.

Mrs.Yu has been married for years but not able to conceive. Money and time spent on seeking medical help does not repay her, instead she was almost stressed out until met Dr.Guo in Elizabeth Women’s Hospital.

After some examination and blood tests, Mrs.Yu is diagnosed as repeated spontaneous abortion caused by APS and internal orifice of uterus. That is why Mrs.Yu had a miscarriage at the fourth month of her last pregnancy. APS is one of the common and main cause of immune infertility which could lead to miscarriage even if succeeded in conception because the change of immune system in pregnancy will cause blood vessel to form thrombus in the placenta, which in result can not provide oxygen and nutrients to fetus.

A treatment plan was made. Mrs.Yu first did an uterine cervical cerclage to prevent miscarriage. Then artificial insemination was performed considering the chance of natural conception is very low. After 12 weeks of gestation, Mrs.Yu was able to be discharged from the hospital. While nothing good comes easily, things went bad in 32 weeks. Mrs.Yu had the sign of premature labor. She was also found having intrahepatic cholestasis. Chance of intrauterine fetal death is very high. However, considering the risks and medical expense of premature labor, Dr.Guo insisted to delay labor as much as possible. All his hard work paid off, Mrs.Yu started regular contraction at 36 weeks of gestation and gave birth to a healthy baby.

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